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Announcement (IUL)30-B3/30/2019/235:- Regarding issuing of equipment for Diamondback Squid (DBS) fishery.

16 Oct 2019       Fisheries

Announcement:- (IUL)30-B3/30/2019/234 Regarding temporary discontinuation of Veterinary Services.

16 Oct 2019       Agriculture

Announcement :- (IUL)30-E3/30/2019/231 Regarding Pesticide importers - Import approved and banned Items.

10 Oct 2019       Agriculture

Announcement: - PMU1/30/2019/ grouper pilot project in Adh. Atoll (Mahibadhoo, Dhangethi, Dhigurah, Omadhoo).

09 Oct 2019      

Press Release No:- (PR )30-D/30/2019/9 Regarding on endorsement of Fisheries Bill from the Parliament.

05 Sep 2019       Fisheries

Government announced the official celebration of 39th National Fishermen’s Day in Hulhumalé

05 Sep 2019       Fisheries

Press Release No:- (PR)30-D/20/2019/7 Bat and Crow control program conducted in Feewah Shaviyani Atoll , August 27- 28, 2019

03 Sep 2019       Agriculture

Press Release No:- (PR)30-D/20/2019/4 Regarding The "Sustainable Fisheries Development Plan of the Important Sub-sectors in the Maldives 2019 - 2025" (SFDPIS).

27 Aug 2019       Fisheries

Announcement IUL 30-E3/30/2019/179:- MoFMA (Veterinary Services), will be enforcing new hours effective from September 3, 2019.

25 Aug 2019       Agriculture

Announcement IUL 30-E3/30/2019/160:- MOFMA (Veterinary Services), will be enforcing new hours effective from August 6, 2019.

05 Aug 2019       Agriculture

Announcement NO:- (IUL)30-B1/30/2019/165 Regarding extending the loan scheme for Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems on a fishing vessel

04 Aug 2019       Fisheries

Announcement:- (IUL)30-E1/30/2019/159 Plant Nursery Registration

01 Aug 2019       Agriculture

Announcement (IUL)30-B3/30/2019/149:- Regarding Introduction to Diamondback Squid ( DBS) fishery

22 Jul 2019       Fisheries

Press brief No :- (PR)30-D/30/2019/1 Regarding banning of renewal license. (long-line fishing license)

14 Jul 2019      

Announcement NO:- IUL 30-B1/30/2019/127 Regarding loan scheme for Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems on fishing vessel

01 Jul 2019      

Announcement (IUL)30-G/2019/117: - Regarding diesel duty exemption opportunity for licensed fishing fleets

20 Jun 2019      

Press Release

13 Jun 2019       Fisheries

Announcement (IUL)30-E3/30/2019/9 :- Regarding the import of Cocos nucifera into the Maldives

12 Jun 2019       Agriculture

Announcement IUL:- (IUL)30-E3/30/2019/110 Veterinary Services new working hours.

11 Jun 2019       Agriculture

Announcement NO:- (IUL)30-B1/30/2019/103 Regarding loan scheme for Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems on fishing vessel

28 May 2019       Fisheries

Announcement No :- (IUL)30-E1/30/2019/5 on Agricultural Input Importers Duty Exemption.

26 May 2019       Agriculture

Agriculture Loan Programme

22 May 2019       Agriculture

Announcement :- (IUL) 30-B2/30/2019/89 Regarding training programme on Diamondback Squid ( DBS) fishery.

08 May 2019       Fisheries

Announcement IUL 30-E3/30/2019/88:- MOFMA (Veterinary Services) new working hours.

02 May 2019       Agriculture

Job Announcement:-(IUL)30-A4/30/2019/166 Assistant Director ( Maldives Marine Research Institute )

10 Mar 2019       Agriculture Fisheries